Working Papers

Quality of Proxy Advice: Evidence from Say-on-Pay Recommendations (Job market paper)

Internet Appendix

Mutual Fund Disagreement and Firm Value: Passive vs. Active Voice (with Jan Bena)

*Semi-finalist for FMA Best Paper Award

Owner Culture and Pay Inequality within Firms (with Jan Bena and Guangli Lu)

*CSEF/UniCredit Foundation Best Paper Award

Work in Progress

The Culture Origin of Gender Gaps in Pay and Mobility (with Jan Bena, Ha Diep-Nguyen, Quoc-anh Do, and Kieu-Trang Nguyen )

Smart Contracts’ Governance: A New Order for Economic Activity? (with Jan Bena and Xiaoxia Hao)

The Returns to Startup Investment (with Will Gornall and Ting Xu )